(Reuters) - Ben Bernanke is expected to clinch a second term at the helm of the Federal Reserve, but only after what looks like one of the tightest Fed confirmation votes in U.S. Senate history.

Below is a chronology of previous votes for the position of Fed Chairman, provided by the U.S. Senate Historical Office.

* The first Senate confirmation vote on a Fed nominee was 1978: G. William Miller by unanimous consent.

* The Senate's 1983 confirmation vote on Paul Volcker was 84-16, according to Senate records, making for the most "no" votes ever recorded against a Fed chairman.

G. William Miller March 3, 1978 unanimous consent Paul C. Volcker August 2, 1979 98-0 Paul C. Volcker July 27, 1983 84-16 Alan Greenspan August 3, 1987 91-2 Alan Greenspan February 27, 1992 unanimous consent Alan Greenspan June 20, 1996 91-7 Alan Greenspan February 3, 2000 89-4 Alan Greenspan June 17, 2004 voice vote Ben Bernanke February 1, 2006 voice vote