- Stephen Colbert pays visit to new 'Late Show' home
 - Allegations of teen sex abuse by three Hollywood execs denied
 - Robin Williams confronts deep-rooted secret in drama 'Boulevard'
 - Milsap, Wiseman, Cochran get call from Country Music Hall of Fame
 - 'Ice Road Truckers' star kidnapped, beat Las Vegas prostitute: police
 - Illness spoils 'Royals' singer Lorde's Australian tour
 - Zadan, Meron invited back to produce 2015 Oscars show: Academy
 - Fans pay tribute to Nobel laureate Garcia Marquez in Mexico City
 - Man accusing 'X-Men' director of sex abuse sues more Hollywood execs
 - For 'Daily Show' alum Oliver, 'Last Week' is 'fresh turf to ruin'
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