(Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Friday was dealt his biggest blow since taking office just over two months ago when House Republican leaders pulled legislation to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system.

Throughout his presidential campaign and since taking office, Trump had repeatedly vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare, the signature domestic achievement of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama.

Below are a sampling of tweets that Trump posted in March on his plans to repeal Obamacare, followed by comments from Trump on Friday after his fellow Republicans yanked the plan.

Tweets on vow to repeal and replace Obamacare:

March 7: "Our wonderful new Healthcare Bill is now out for review and negotiation. ObamaCare is a complete and total disaster - is imploding fast!"


March 9: "Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!"

March 13: "ObamaCare is imploding. It is a disaster and 2017 will be the worst year yet, by far! Republicans will come together and save the day."

March 16: "Great progress on healthcare. Improvements being made - Republicans coming together!"

March 24: "After seven horrible years of ObamaCare (skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare), this is finally your chance for a great plan!"

Trump comments on Friday after the bill was pulled:

"We learned a lot about loyalty. We learned a lot about the vote-getting process."

"Perhaps the best thing that could happen is exactly what happened today, because we'll end up with a truly great healthcare bill in the future after this mess known as Obamacare explodes."

"We really had it. It was pretty much there, within grasp."

"We learned a lot about some very arcane rules in obviously both the Senate and the House."


(Reporting by Leslie Adler; Editing by Toni Reinhold and Bill Rigby)