BEIJING(Reuters) - Two thirds of cities ordered to switch households to gas have exceeded the central government's target to complete at least 50,000 homes by November, according to data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and analyzed by Reuters.

Eleven cities that met the target were Jiaozuo, Anyang, Kaifeng, Hebi, Xinxiang and Puyang in Henan province, Zibo, Jinan, Jining and Dezhou in Shandong and Tangshan in Hebei, according to the release.

(Graphic for China's plan to connect more than 4 million households in 28 cities with gas in 2017, click

Below is a table of the number of households in each city that have been converted to gas so far:

Langfang, Hebei 700,000


Baoding, Hebei 573,877

Shijiazhuang, Hebei 390,000

Beijing 300,000

Tianjin 287,000

Taiyuan, Shanxi 111,991

Hengshui, Hebei 100,000

Heze, Shandong 100,000

Haidian, 100,000

Cangzhou, Hebei 100,000

Xingtai, Hebei 100,000

Zhengzhou, Henan 80,000


Changzhi, Shanxi 79,972

Jincheng, Shanxi 71,000

Binzhou, Shandong 55,000

Liaocheng, Shandong 54,000

Yangquan, Shanxi 53,000

(Reporting by Josephine Mason)