JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Former South African President Nelson Mandela announced on Monday a group of local and international musicians would perform at a concert in Johannesburg to raise money for his 46664 AIDS charity.

The concert, which will coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1, is an offshoot of similar shows that have been held in South Africa, Spain and Norway, the Nobel laureate said in a press conference at his foundation in Johannesburg.

The names of the artists performing in this year's event were not released.


"Today, we are happy to announce that 46664 will stage a similar concert here in Johannesburg on the First of December on World AIDS Day," said Mandela, whose son died of the disease in 2005, in one of his rare public appearances.

His AIDS charity is named after the prison number assigned to him during the 27 years he spent in jail.

Profits for the event will help fund HIV/AIDS awareness and outreach programs throughout southern Africa, the epicenter of the worldwide AIDS epidemic.

About 1,000 South Africans die each day from AIDS and another 1,500 contract the virus. An estimated 12 percent of South Africa's 47 million people are infected.

More than 50,000 people are expected to attend the concert at Johannesburg's Ellis Park stadium, with ticket prices ranging from 120 rand ($17.50) to 450 rand ($65.40). A list of the performers will be released later this month.