NEW YORK (Reuters) - What's in a name? About $3 billion, if you happen to spell it T-r-u-m-p.

Real estate mogul, reality television star and author Donald Trump estimates his net worth at $7 billion in a forthcoming book.

In his latest tome, Trump, known for promoting everything from his real estate projects to board games, vodka and reality TV shows, spells out his net worth, coming up with a figure billions more than Forbes magazine, which in September put the amount at $2.9 billion.


Much of the $4 billion-plus discrepancy lies with something Trump calls "brand value," in the financial detail contained in "Time to Get Tough," due out December 5.

On page 182, Trump lists holdings including $1.37 billion in New York City commercial properties and $1.22 billion in club facilities and related real estate. Liabilities include some $374 million in loans and mortgages.

At $3 billion his biggest asset -- by far -- is brand value, which according to a note "has been established by Predictiv, the highly respected brand valuation company."

The company, the note continues, "measures the financial impact of intangibles such as brand, strategy execution, innovation and post-merger integration."

In its latest look at his finances Forbes conceded that "yes, Trump remains adamant that Forbes is underestimating his brand value" -- which they put at $200 million.

His response: "You're ridiculous," Forbes reported.


(Reporting by Chris Michaud; editing by Mark Egan and Cynthia Osterman)